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no gradient publishes articles, predictions, and a podcast. The articles focus on issues where there is the biggest disconnect between public perception and reality. Predictions focus on trends shaping our world and serve to track the accuracy of this publication’s world view. The podcast focuses on authentic conversations with people worth talking to.

Established in 2017, no gradient takes strong stances on a wide variety of topics. Notable articles include a strategy for getting rich slowly and a postmortem on the Ethereum Classic 51% attack. Notable true predictions include a cryptocurrency backed by multiple currencies, a router with Google Assistant built in, and the release of a checking account by a robo-advisor. This publication holds itself accountable with the predictions scorecard and no gradient retracks and does the same for others with no gradient tracks. Notable podcast episodes include conversations with five finishers of the 2,650 mile Pacific Crest Trail, a Marixst who attempted to join the Marines, and a San Francisco legend who plants flowers in the streets.

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no gradient costs ~$500 a year to maintain, please consider joining Clark BurnapChris DerrMatt Buckley, and Sawyer Billings in supporting this publication monthly. Support on Patreon, with a recurring or one time contribution below, or with cryptocurrency here. Other contributors include Ryan Cole, Eric Liu, Liam Madden, and Lars Droogmans. Since this publication was established supporters of no gradient have contributed a total of $161. You can learn more about the publication here. welcome to no gradient.

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