Ethereum Classic 51% Attack Fallout Predictions

A 51% attack is currently being carried out against Ethereum Classic. ETC is currently trading at $5.05. Before February 1, 2019, ETC will at one point have a market price below $2.50. The goal of a blockchain is to maintain consensus. Once that’s gone, the value is gone. Incorrect. ETC dropped as low as $3.84 on January 28 2019 but not quite the drop I predicted. I wrote about some things I learned from the attack, one of which why the price didn’t drop as much as I expected.

Before February 1, 2019, Bitcoin will at one point trade below $3632, a 10% drop in value. BTC is currently trading at $4,031.13. This price drop will be caused by the fall out from the Ethereum Classic attack as more question the security of other blockchains. E.g. A large portion of Bitcoin is controlled by a small group of mining pools. Correct: On January 20 2019 $BTC traded below $3632, falling to $3410 on January 29th. I’ll consider this prediction correct, but it would be a stretch to definitively claim this was a result of the $ETC attack.

Google will leave the low end Android device market to other manufacturers.

Google has yet to develop any low end Android device hardware.

This is a poor prediction because it doesn’t have an expiration and therefore can never be officially correct. Plus, I specified “device” which could be anything running Android. What I really meant was a phone. The point I was making with this is that Google is going to take Apple’s approach to building phones. Phones targeted at the high end with as high margin as possible. Which is very double plus unGoogle given their bread and butter is services that reach as many people for as little cost (read “free”) as possible.