The following are my predictions for the one year adoption rate of future Android versions (+/- 2.5%):
Android Oreo, 9%
Android P, 15%
Android 10, 19%
Android 11, 22%
Android 12, 24%
Android 13, 25%
Android 14, 25% Twitter

Resolved (each Android version is considered a separate prediction)
• False. Android 10 reached ~33% by September 2020 according to StatCounter Global. Google no longer publishes official numbers on these things but regardless, safe to say my prediction was wrong. I underestimated Treble. Not to mention Project Mainline which further helps Android fragmentation. Love it.
• False. Android P reached 22.6% by August 2019.
False. Android Oreo reached 14.6% by end of August 2018. It will be fun to track future Android version adoption rates, I hope my predictions prove to have wildly underestimated Project Treble.

• As of Android Q, Android has move to a numbered naming scheme. So Android Q is officially called Android 10, and Android R will be called Android 11, and so on.