Before 2030 there will be a stable coin that is not tethered to one specific currency, but to a basket of assets. It may predominantly be backed by USD, but also may include EUR, gold, and other assets to avoid reliance on any one currency.Twitter

• True. Saga launched on 2019 December 10. From the official Saga Monetary Model document (mirrored here): “The proceeds of issuing new SGA tokens are kept in a reserve, held in major banks, and stored in liquid assets that replicate the currency composition of the SDR — a basket of fiat currencies (USD, EUR, etc.) created by the International Monetary Fund.” Though that is the current state of Saga the Monetary Model goes on to say “The fraction of Saga’s economy backed by the Reserve represents the amount of trust drawn from the currencies that comprise the SDR currency basket. At the beginning of Saga’s life, our model maintains a fully backed Reserve. One hundred percent of trust is obtained from the SDR currencies. Then, as the economy grows, the model begins to reduce its dependence on other currencies, and Saga acquires its own amassed trust.”