Chris Derr on Building an Audience of 200

Chris Derr, host of the no gimmes podcast and one of the best conversationalists I know, talks the mods at Boston College, podcasting, and professional golf. His positivity, soak it in.

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36:00 John Daly is a golfer known for hitting the long ball, 2 time major champion. He’s happy gilmore of the real world. But he’s a big booze hound, likes to smoke cigarettes, he’s got a bunch of interviews where he said he would drink 30 beers in a day and 20 diet cokes and 2 packs of cigarettes…John Daly is a free wheeling reckless kinda guy. He doesn’t spend time on the fuckin range. Spending time on the range will drive him crazy. He’ll get too mechanical, it won’t work. He wouldn’t have gotten to the level that he got to by being a range rat. So he would just play games. One thing about John Daly he’s the nastiest one handed left handed golfer you’ve ever seen. He’s a right handed golfer and if you look it up on Youtube right now John Daly one handed shots, he’s got videos of him hitting 30 yard sand shots with only his left hand. He’s all loose and fuckin flopping around doing his thing and hitting these one arm one handed bunker shots to 2 feet from 30 yards. It’s one of the hardest shots in golf. This fuckin dude is a natural. This guy can do whatever he wants.

49:35 My goal with no gimmes is to have the winner of every single PGA tour event every week come on the show the Monday after they win. I want one winner to come on the show every Monday the day after they win. Tournaments end on Sunday. For the LPGA tour, the European tour, the Champions tour, the tour, the latin America tour, the Canada tour, the fuckin Hooters Tour, the fuckin PGA tour, every single tour that you could ever fuckin imagine. The tournament ends on Sunday barring a weather delay. I want to get every Monday a winner from the week before on the show. Even if it’s for only 15 minutes while they are in an airport terminal getting ready to fly to fuckin St. Louis. Talk to me. Give me 15 minutes. I think the minute after you win people 1.) are on an incredible high, 2.) have really good perspective and 3.) could impart some knowledge on anyone and get people a better understanding on who they are. So that is my goal and when I would consider no gimmes a success.

54:15 Positivity is a choice. I make a conscious effort to be positive every single day, take care of myself and care about other people.

Produced by Chris Derr. Music by Chris Hoogewerff.