Chris Hoogewerff on Quitting his Job and Lifting Off

In a 50 dollar a month rental studio, Chris Hoogewerff talks quitting his day job to pour himself into music. This guy has a calmness and a realness we can all learn from. In the bay area and need a musician? Book him.

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5:50 I decided I wanted to switch, and I picked up the sax over Christmas break, and I just brought that to my band class when we came back. I didn’t ever really talk to the instructor. I just carried that one instead of the clarinet, switched seats, and that was my first memory really enjoying the music.

51:30 If you’re sitting at a desk, cashing a good paycheck every month doing something you don’t wanna do, and you do have flexibility, financially then it just seems crazy to keep doing that, because there’s so little certainty with everything else. At least you can have certainty in the fact that you’re trying something that you wanna be doing.

52:55 I really do believe that if more people did what they wanted to be doing in their lives, that we’d have a whole lot less to worry about as a society. I think it’s not people who are doing what they love to do every day who are burning the world down.

Produced by Chris Derr. Music by Chris Hoogewerff.