Donald Trump will be Reelected

Donald Trump will be reelected, winning the 59th U.S. presidential election in 2020.Twitter

• Incumbents have an advantage, especially with a good economy coupled with instability abroad- Middle East, Korean Peninsula, and Russian military shenanigans.
• People are tired of the Special Council investigation lead by Mueller. It will either cause impeachment or have no effect on voters at the polls.
• #TheResistance is still hung up on Hilary Clinton’s loss, this is not a winning strategy for 2020.
• The RNC doesn’t wield enough control to replace him as the Republican nominee.
• The Electoral College skews power towards less populous states which historically lean right.
• The Democratic Party’s primaries will likely produce a candidate that democrats approve of, not one that can beat Trump.
• Possibility of large domestic terrorist attack before the election which historically increases the approval rating of presidents in office.
• The media wants to keep him around because he gives them constant fodder.
• Facts need not apply.

It’s not so much that he will win, it’s that he can’t lose.

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