Justin Dunn Goes All In

Justin Dunn, the kind of guy who sits back, observes, learns, watches people make the mistakes- then plays his hand. He talks sustaining himself on poker full time, his foray into the cannabis industry, and why he does his own thing.

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26:10 Straight up experience. I’ve been through the trenches of not knowing when to leave. Going broke. Asking people for loans that I know at Blue Lake, trying to get it back. Sometimes it works and that’s why you do it again. You just gotta cut that out completely and be comfortable enough with yourself, “I’m not playing at my best, I could play tomorrow.” Poker never ends so there’s always tomorrow.

59:30 It’s like going through a maze. You could experience all the paths and know where they lead. As opposed to just picking the right path all the way to the middle, where you haven’t experienced the maze fully.

1:12:50 If you start going off the beaten path you’re going to get beaten. You’re going to get beaten until you get your shit together. If someone’s always telling you what to do, they you’re always going down their path. You’re going down the clear cut way that’s already been experienced.

Produced by Chris Derr. Music by Chris Hoogewerff.