Naval Ravikant on Everything – Naval Ravikant has so many amazing perspectives on life and here shares them all in this interview. It’s long, but worth it, given the huge impact it can have on how you view your life and your time.

The World this Week – The 24 hour news cycle is exhausting and superficial. The World this Week takes a step back covering events and trends shaping our world. It’s coverage of the United States is particularly impartial given it is based overseas.

Tim Ferriss Podcast  – Through his interviews of high performers, Tim Ferriss encourages you to think about how you can apply their strategies to your own life.

Exponent – The best podcast on tech there is. Ben Thompson and James Allworth put the never ending iteration of tech progress into context. It’s why I also recommend Ben’s Stratechery blog.

Waking Up – Sam Harris has excellent and rational conversations with experts covering politics, science, and the nature of being.

a16z – The most efficient podcast I know of that covers emerging trends in business with a slant towards tech. Short episodes packed with excellent insights.

Exchanges at Goldman Sachs – I know right, from the people who brought you the 2008 financial crisis. Even so, excellent content that covers major global trends through a financial lens. Like it or not, finance is a major driver of our modern world, learning the basics is a worthy endeavor.

99% Invisible – Short episodes covering things in our physical world that you normally wouldn’t think twice about.

Hardcore History – Long-form podcast covering major historical events. Dan Carlin is decidedly not a historian, allowing him to take more liberties, leading to amazing storytelling.

Freakonomics – Stephen Dubner covers interesting topics both related to and outside the scope of economics. His guests are very interesting and many of the episodes center around challenging conventional wisdom.