Raven Lee on Harnessing Crisis

World traveler teaching Shamanic healing, energy healing, and meditation. Dr. Raven Lee shares how the suicide of her husband unlocked a new world for her. A world she shares with us, revealing how we can use it to live in the moment, have compassion, and never let a crisis go to waste. Open your heart, open your mind, and jack into Raven’s world.

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4:00 30 some years ago my husband at the time had a psychotic breakdown and as a young mother, being Chinese-Catholic, I was told to just try to do the right thing. To endure it, but something in me said, “No. This was dangerous.” I saw he was being a threat to my children, and I dared to speak up to initiate a separation and a month following that, he committed suicide. I went into the abyss of darkness because I thought it was my fault and for two months, I was swirling in this darkness, despair, taking medication to help me because I was going into panic attacks, and holding down two jobs trying to be a single mother.

5:00 In the moment of crisis, our way of adaptation no longer works. In that moment, it’s as if the rug has been pulled from under us, but our human condition, human spirit is so amazing, as if we are hardwired to grow. That within us, there is a resilient spirit that when we no longer keep adapting like a pattern, like an automatic robotic reaction, there is actually a gateway, a doorway that we can begin to see beyond and that was what happened to me.

30:00 There is a wisdom seed in us waiting for us to come home and the only way to do that is to be in the moment. In the moment, we are no longer pushing away something we don’t like. We’re not grasping. That is why being in the now is the beginning of discovering who we are. It’s just a doorway, the moment is a doorway. Once you enter that moment, what do you do? How do you go about it? That’s the path and that’s how I like to help people, to discover that.

Produced by Chris Derr. Music by Chris Hoogewerff.