Scotty Holdridge, Still Here Baby


Scotty Holdridge- musician, bar manager, gentrifier- showing us he’s got more than enough life in him after getting the fuck out of tech. No agenda, no outline, no gradient, a riff session in every sense of the word. God bless him, Scotty put the ball in my court quite a bit as we talk Trump, music, feeling old, popular trash, SF baristas, the process of life- damn we hit it all. Listen to the way he says “yeah”, it’s legendary.

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5:10 I was moving in and this guy on a fixie was cruising by and he just yells out “City’s not going to gentrify itself.” I’m with my girlfriend, I didn’t hire movers, I have a used bed. This is the least gentrifying thing. I’m the problem? Right. How’s your day going?

49:35 It makes the founding of this place even more remarkable because initially when he got elected it was, oh my God, this guy is just going to… but the checks and balances, all the shit that they set up. And they’ve tried to fuck with it, the Patriot Act and all that. But it still holds up. That’s what’s so brilliant. In a country the size of us, a lot of people have argued it’s going to be too big to govern…still here baby.

60:00 Don’t conform and trust yourself. I wish I would have done that more. 10 years ago doesn’t put me in the best place actually. I was obsessed with getting the “career job.” And it wasn’t to please me it was to please a relationship. Don’t force anything, do it for yourself. If you trust it and you believe in it, you should do it. Defining your success and pursuing that is the way to go about it. You can and you will get anything you want in this life, but it’s never gonna look like the way you thought it was going to be.

Produced by Chris Derr. Music by Chris Hoogewerff.