shooting from the hip #4

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shooting from the hip on:

  • COVID-19 including spread, can it survive in warmer weather, who’s at risk, and the US response so far. – CDC, WHO, Marc Lipsitch, The Economist
  • COVID-19 and the markets including legendary VC firm Sequoia Capital’s outlook.
  • Ben Thompson argues the destruction of gatekeepers allows for greater dissemination of information both false and true.
  • Looking back at the Global Financial Crisis.
  • The crash in oil caused by COVID-19 and exacerbated by Saudi Arabia waging a price war with Russia.
  • What Trump’s trade representative was up to 30 years ago.
  • Looking back at 9/11.
  • Viral Biden video labeled as inaccurate by Twitter and Facebook.
  • Bipartisan congressional move to limit executive branch’s war powers against Iran.
  • Maker DAO’s handling of significant price drop in the price of Ethereum.
  • Matt Mullenweg on working from home.

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