Tim Berners-Lee's Solid and Inrupt projects will not reach meaningful adoption before 2030. - Twitter Why?• Ownership of data is not enough of a concern for the general public.• No obvious incentive for companies to comply with these new standards.• Top down approach is not viable for such a huge undertaking.

Google will release a Wear OS watch before 2022. - Twitter Updates • Double or nothing. I originally predicted Google would release a Wear OS watch in 2018. I'm still confident it will happen, just not as soon as I originally thought. Google's Wear OS watch will have a custom Google built SoC. - Twitter

Donald Trump will be Reelected

Donald Trump will be reelected, winning the 59th U.S. presidential election in 2020. - Twitter Why? • Incumbents have an advantage, especially with a good economy coupled with instability abroad- Middle East, Korean Peninsula, and Russian military shenanigans. • People are tired of the Special Council investigation lead by Mueller. It will either cause impeachment … Continue reading Donald Trump will be Reelected