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resolved predictions
All predictions can be tracked on the no gradient predictions scorecard.

Before 2030 there will be a stable coin that is not tethered to one specific currency, but to a basket of assets. It may predominantly be backed by USD, but also may include EUR, gold, and other assets to avoid reliance on any one currency.
Google will release a Pixel device with Google designed silicon in 2019.
By 2025 a top three robo-advisor will offer a checking account.
By 2022, Google will release a router with voice activated Google Assistant built in.
Before February 1, 2019, Bitcoin will at one point trade below $3632, a 10% drop in value. BTC is currently trading at $4,031.13. This price drop will be caused by the fall out from the Ethereum Classic attack as more question the security of other blockchains. E.g. A large portion of Bitcoin is controlled by a small group of mining pools.

The one year adoption rate for Android P will be 15% (+/- 2.5%).
A 51% attack is currently being carried out against Ethereum Classic. ETC is currently trading at $5.05. Before February 1, 2019, ETC will at one point have a market price below $2.50. The goal of a blockchain is to maintain consensus. Once that’s gone, the value is gone.
By 2019 the Facebook Messenger platform will be huge, absorbing what would normally be stand alone apps.
In 2019 Google built Android devices will be the most prevalent in developed nations.
In the Pixel 3 phone, Google will release a Face ID equivalent that utilizes less specialized hardware than the iPhone X, but makes up for it in software. Similar to Portrait mode now.

• Revamp of both the predictions scorecard and how provenance of predictions is ensured.
• Started no gradient tracks to track the accuracy over time of forward looking statements in public discourse.
• A return to the monthly no gradient newsletter after a hiatus.
• Started using MailOptin to grow newsletter.