The Lowest Hanging Fruit: Getting Rich Slowly

The single greatest point of leverage for reaching your financial goals is simply understanding how to do it. I’m not asking you to learn new skills, build relationships, or start a business. Though all worthy endeavors, I’m asking you to do something much, much easier. I’m asking you to take advantage of one of the greatest tools accessible to everyone — investing in the stock market.

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no gradient makes falsifiable predictions because it forces this publication to take a stand rather than hide behind vagueness or platitudes. Not only do predictions make it easy to track how accurate a worldview is over time. It also gives an extremely potent dose of what the worldview actually is. It is the belief of this publication that public discourse would be far better served if more publications and public figures made falsifiable predictions and then tracked the accuracy of those predictions.

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no gradient publishes articles, predictions, and a podcast. The articles focus on issues where there is the biggest disconnect between public perception and reality. Predictions focus on trends shaping our world and serve to track the accuracy of this publication’s world view. The podcast focuses on authentic conversations with people worth talking to.

no gradient retracks

no gradient holds itself accountable with the predictions scorecard and holds others accountable with no gradient tracks. To further accountability, no gradient retracks will track its articles that no longer represent the beliefs of this publication or have not stood the test of time. Any article linked below will have counter arguments appended that explain why this publication has decided to retrack it.